Monday, January 31, 2011

for the second time.

well i would like to say that marlie getting locked in the car WITH the keys was a one time experience... but that would make me a liar. SO... yesterday we were getting in the car getting ready to come home from church. i put marlie in her seat, tossed the keys in the drivers seat so i could buckle her in and then shut the door. some how in between opening the door, buckling her in, and shutting the door the door got locked. so here i am - mom of the year - who cant seem to keep the car doors unlocked when they need to be. but heres the fun part about this situation, marlie is buckled into her carseat and cant just grab the keys and push a button like she did last time. so i run in and get a friend and before you know it we have an audience trying to make me feel better by saying "its ok i did that once... yada yada yada..." and i have to keep telling these fine people that i would feel so retarded had this been the first time it had happened. but its the SECOND time its happened... and then i ad on - THIS WEEK!! and as soon as i say that that look at me wierd and say "oooooohhh," and while walking away they say "well, good luck with that" luckily i had a few who stayed there until the doors were opened. one of those friends hunted down a wire coat hanger and 2 ladles from the kitchen...not sure what those were for.... leverage?? i dont know but after about 20 minutes of wiggling a wire hanger under the rear passenger side window trying to push the unlock button they FINALLY got it unlocked, which set off the alarm and then we climbed in and hit the unlock button. it was hillarious.


Meredith Williams said...

hahahaha!! Nikki, I love it! I'm glad you can just laugh about it because I'm sure that was quite the stressful situation. I have never had this happen before but I have had my share of stupid things I've done as a mother. So, we can share the mother of the year award together! :)

J and M K family said...

hahahaha! Ohhhhh.... Nikki... At least last time it was Marlie's fault. hahaha. I agree with Meredith, I think we all have had our 'moment's, to put it nicely. I just hope my kids aren't too scarred by my moments!