Friday, November 11, 2011

What we are up to

marlie was very adamant about pulling her own wagon when we went to pick out pumkins!

ok so not the BEST picture ive ever taken but i was trying to be fast. here is marlie with ken in her costume!
we havent really been up to much lately. ken has just been working, and i have been hanging out with marlie at home. we went trick or treating on halloween though! we hit up the rich people up at persimmon golf course cuz whenever i went trick or treating there as a kid, they gave out whole candy bars! and they didnt disappoint this year either. marlie was a cow but she didnt like the part of her costume that goes on her head because it kept falling into her eyes so everyone thought she was a puppy haha. so we had a good time with that. ken has been working on getting his internship finished, and hes done everything he needs to do hes just waiting to hear back from the school. i havent been up to much. i have done a few photography jobs but its starting to slow down now that the peak wedding season is over. so i go riding on the days ken is home which is fun. we just got a new horse out at the barn and hes going to be my new project. so i will be working and training this horse with a friend and it should be really fun! other than that we arent up to much. we are hopefully going to california after thanksgiving to visit my dads side of the family. so that will be lots of fun since ken hasnt met hardly any of my dads side of the family. we are going to my grandmas house for thanksgiving and we will probably stay here for christmas too. marlie is learning a lot these days, she knows all of her letters and can count to 10 by herself. she LOVES the moon... yes, i said the moon.... everytime we go outside and its dark she wants to find the moon and then she wont stop talking about it until we get back inside... i have no idea where she learned what the moon even is but she freakin' LOVES it. anyways, thats what we have been up to lately. enjoy the photos!