Monday, January 31, 2011

for the second time.

well i would like to say that marlie getting locked in the car WITH the keys was a one time experience... but that would make me a liar. SO... yesterday we were getting in the car getting ready to come home from church. i put marlie in her seat, tossed the keys in the drivers seat so i could buckle her in and then shut the door. some how in between opening the door, buckling her in, and shutting the door the door got locked. so here i am - mom of the year - who cant seem to keep the car doors unlocked when they need to be. but heres the fun part about this situation, marlie is buckled into her carseat and cant just grab the keys and push a button like she did last time. so i run in and get a friend and before you know it we have an audience trying to make me feel better by saying "its ok i did that once... yada yada yada..." and i have to keep telling these fine people that i would feel so retarded had this been the first time it had happened. but its the SECOND time its happened... and then i ad on - THIS WEEK!! and as soon as i say that that look at me wierd and say "oooooohhh," and while walking away they say "well, good luck with that" luckily i had a few who stayed there until the doors were opened. one of those friends hunted down a wire coat hanger and 2 ladles from the kitchen...not sure what those were for.... leverage?? i dont know but after about 20 minutes of wiggling a wire hanger under the rear passenger side window trying to push the unlock button they FINALLY got it unlocked, which set off the alarm and then we climbed in and hit the unlock button. it was hillarious.

Friday, January 28, 2011

Something funny.

Most of you have probably heard about this but the other day ken and i went to my grandmas to use her driveway to change the oil in our car. he had just finished, the car was off of the ramps and ken was just cleaning up so i put marlie in the front seat of the car while he and i cleaned up....not knowing that ken had left the keys in the car. i ran inside to get the diaper bag and the next thing i know, ken comes storming in saying "NIKKI! MARLIE LOCKED HERSELF IN THE CAR!" all i could do was laugh because, come on, ITS FUNNY! but ken tried to be mr. serious and be mad the whole time but as we were standing outside of the car, i would look at him and start cracking up and he couldnt help but laugh either. hahaha. anyways, im tapping on the window saying "marlie, can you push the button for mommy??" she just looks at me with the keys in her hands and laughs while waving and saying "buh bye buh bye!" and then she would pretend to turn the steering wheel. this went on for about 10 minutes and just as we were about to call AAA she pushed the button to pop the trunk and then pushed the button to unlock the door. im just glad she hit the RIGHT button and not the button that set off the alarm. i can just see her pushing the panic button and the noise from the horn freaking her out and us being stuck on the outside with a baby locked in our car screaming. we are such awesome parents hahaha.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

My friends are so smart!

First of all this is a picture update. Christmas, Peacock Lane, Marlie stuffing her face, and yes my friends - mini....cows.... those cows you see up there are the size of a miniature horse. and they. are. CUTE! On another note, im sure you noticed that i somehow figured out how to once again post pictures on my blog. im not exactly sure why the idea (given to me by friends and family) was so over the top for my brain but it was SO easy.. all i did was save all my previous entries in microsoft word and then i deleted them off my blog and now i have lots more room to add more pictures!!! you can click on the pictures to make them bigger if you cant see them very well. the christmas pictures are going to look really grainy because of dark lighting situations. but they are funny either way. enjoy!

Monday, January 17, 2011

i begining to suck at blogging:

partly because it wont allow me to upload any more pictures because i have used up all of my allotted memory space and im too lazy to make another blog. but i figured i would update you all on whats been happening in our lives. first big thing: we FINALLY got an apartment! we moved in on december 22 and we are L-O-V-I-N-G it. Second big thing: Ken got a REALY job at a semi-conductor plant here in gresham. Third big thing: when we moved, we didnt have to change wards!! it was a beautiful thing. fourth big thing: marlie is in NURSERY!!! oh my gosh its so awesome! so things finally seem to be falling into place for us. ken has a really good schedule, he works every other wednesday and then every thurs, fri, and saturday and has the rest of the week off. the only down side is that he works 12 hour days. but he also gets overtime hours every day he works. so it kinda balances out. we had a great christmas. it was a little wierd having christmas with just us. but we really liked it. we just got pictures up on the walls last week so our apartment is really starting to feel like home now. we just need a dining room table and  we will be set to go. marlie is REALLY talkative now. half the time i have no idea what the crap she is saying but these are her favorite words (in order of favoritism): #1: mama (not MY favorite. im thinking about changing my name) #2: baba #3bankie (blankie) #4:puppy #5: uppie (this means she wants you to pick her up.... im not sure where she learned uppie...) and #6: moomie (movie) on top of that she does a lot of jibber jabber. the doctor says that she is tall and lean for her age. she is still not sleeping through the night... no suprize there... but other than that shes a happy little girl. ken is liking his new job and he doesnt mind the long hours. i am still adjusting to being a stay at home mom. i am trying to find or put together a play group so i dont lose my sanity. ken will come home and ask me "did you go anywhere today?" i say "nnnnnnnnnnope" he asks "did you talk to anyone today?" i say " nnnnnnnnnnnope... just marlie..." so im starting to feel like im going backwards in terms of social-ness but im sure im not the only one. anyways, all is well here in oregon, its been SUPER rainy and SUPER windy and there are landslide and flood warnings all over the place but we are safe,warm, and dry and therefore we are happy.