Friday, January 28, 2011

Something funny.

Most of you have probably heard about this but the other day ken and i went to my grandmas to use her driveway to change the oil in our car. he had just finished, the car was off of the ramps and ken was just cleaning up so i put marlie in the front seat of the car while he and i cleaned up....not knowing that ken had left the keys in the car. i ran inside to get the diaper bag and the next thing i know, ken comes storming in saying "NIKKI! MARLIE LOCKED HERSELF IN THE CAR!" all i could do was laugh because, come on, ITS FUNNY! but ken tried to be mr. serious and be mad the whole time but as we were standing outside of the car, i would look at him and start cracking up and he couldnt help but laugh either. hahaha. anyways, im tapping on the window saying "marlie, can you push the button for mommy??" she just looks at me with the keys in her hands and laughs while waving and saying "buh bye buh bye!" and then she would pretend to turn the steering wheel. this went on for about 10 minutes and just as we were about to call AAA she pushed the button to pop the trunk and then pushed the button to unlock the door. im just glad she hit the RIGHT button and not the button that set off the alarm. i can just see her pushing the panic button and the noise from the horn freaking her out and us being stuck on the outside with a baby locked in our car screaming. we are such awesome parents hahaha.


Amanda said...

Hahaha. Awesome. I'll make a mental note to never leave my kid in the car with the keys alone.

Sheri said...

I love it..... Skooter dog locked me out of the car once. Not quite so cute and funny... standing in the rain talking to a dog trying to get him to stand on the little button to open the door. Best part was the car was running and my purse with cell phone were inside. Oh yeah I am a genius.