Saturday, September 10, 2011

Time for an update

So as you may have already noticed.... i am REALLY bad at blogging now. So i will update you on whats been going on around here. July was pretty uneventful. We watched fireworks from Crown Point which sounded like it would be an awesome location but it really wasnt that cool. August we didnt do much either till the end of the month and me and marlie went to idaho to visit my parents. i photographed a wedding the day before we left and then while i was in idaho i did 4 photo shoots so i have been really busy editing photos this week. i dont know if i have mentioned this in earlier posts but i found a lady back in march/april who lets me clean stalls 2 days a week in exchange for riding privileges. so i have FINALLY gotten back into riding horses which is absolutely divine! this lady's name is amy and she just graduated med school and now she is a naturopathic doctor and when she starts up her practice she said she is going to hire me (shes not sure what she will have me do yet but i will have a job nonetheless) but in the mean time she is letting me work with one of her younger horses who has just been started under saddle (or "broke" for all you non horse people haha) so its been fun to be getting back into what i love to do. marlie is growing up like crazy. she really likes to play with her daddy and i love hearing her giggle when she plays with him. she is very active and we are going to start potty training here soon (ugh). its been really hot here in portland the past week so we really havent done anything that requires us to go outside cuz its just to darn hot....of course i will go ride horses in the heat but nothing else. ken is doing well. we were able to use the job he is doing now as his internship so he can FINALLY get his diploma!!! YA!!!! we are excited for him! he has been working out a lot trying to get back in shape. overall we are all doing well. just not a whole lot of anything super exciting. i would write a little more but theres a little girl saying "mama omeer" (mama come here) cuz she wants to take a bath. :)