Sunday, February 26, 2012

Something funny

Marlie loves the movie "Madagascar" and she watches it all the time. Just a few minutes ago, she was sitting next to me drinking a cup of water. She would fill her mouth with a little water and then SPRAY it out of her mouth. She did this a few times and I asked her to stop. then she did it one more time and after she spit the water out she said "yuck! its sea water!" hahaha and then i realized that she picked that up from the movie where they are stranded on the beach, the zebra makes drinks for everyone and they all spit it out because its just sea water haha. i was trying to find a clip of that part of the movie but i cant find one. other funny things she will say is "amember ooo you arrrrre" which is translated to "remember who you are" from the lion king. that one cracks me up every time because she is super serious when she says it. when ken plays a video game and he loses, he will say "OH COME ON!!" and so now when im putting marlies jammies on or im doing something that is taking WAY too long in her mind, she will say "oh COME ON MAMA!"

other news, marlie slept in a toddler bed for the first time last night. there is a lady in the ward that give me all of her hand-me-downs and she gave me a toddler bed. i was SO excited! those things are super spendy... at least i think so because im a major tight wad haha. marlie did awesome for her first night in the big girl bed. i had to go in there a few times to clear off all the toys that she had put on her bed but as soon as she was asleep she slept through the night! so we are really proud of her! thats all i have for now!

Thursday, February 9, 2012


my friend did this on her blog and i decided to copy her because i have nothing better to do at the moment...
I am a woman. a photographer. an artist. a mother. a good friend. left-brained... and sometimes no-brained.
I think deeply
I know that my Heavenly Father loves me. i know that He works miracles in our everyday lives. I know a lot, but i know theres tons more to learn about the role the Gospel plays in my life.
I want a house. to teach my kids all i know about life and love and the Lord and i want that to be enough for them to stay strong in the gospel.
I wish i could finish reading the count of monte cristo!!! the unabridged version is so stinking LONG!
I hate dishes, laundry, long road trips, people who say one thing and do another, how corrupt our world has become. it makes me scared for my kids.
I miss my family and friends in idaho. old friendships that i thought would last through the years.
I fear nasty spiders, birds (especially chickens!), heights, taking risks.
I feel cold. its never a comfortable temperature in the freakin' apartment!
I hear the clock, the hum of the computer, and the count of monte cristo on the tv
I smell victoria's secret perfume
I search pinterest and facebook too much!
I wonder when we will get a house. if i will ever own a horse. how many kids i will have. if my family will move back to oregon.
I regret so many things that i cant even think of one.
I love my family. horses. painting. drawing. photography. scripture. reading gospel doctrine books. eating.
I care about those who care about me.
I always take a shower in the mornings.
I am not retarded...but sometimes i act that way.
I believe the golden rule.
I dance like an asian
I sing like one of those people on american idol that say "all of my friends and family told me that i should audition so i did" and you think they might be good and they actually make you want to slit your wrist and do push-ups in salt water... and i sing in the shower
I don't always clean up my mess when i cook... it makes ken really mad
I write left handed and eat left handed... everything else i do with my right hand. is that wierd???
I win pretty much nothing.
I lose most of my battles with inanimate objects. aka: im a klutz (clutz?? cluts?? how the heck do you spell that?)
I never get on a horse from the right side.
I listen to music when i drive marlie always wants me to dance in the car which is awkward for everyone involved.
I'm scared of   the unknown
I read ...currently im reading the help. and the count of monte cristo but i think i will be reading that for the rest of my life...

I am Nikki Marie McLennan