Thursday, September 16, 2010


well we finally made it to oregon. we are managing apartments out here and we like it...MOST of the time. (more on that later...) its getting late and i have a meeting in the morning so this wont be long but its been quite the adventure out here. we are still trying to find ken a job so keep us in your thoughts and prayers because we know we cant find one on our faith alone. blog posts will be few and far between until we get into our designated apartment (more on THAT later too...) and until ken finds a job, and we have money coming in, and we have internet. :) right now the only internet access we have is in the managers office and the internet SUCKS here... so until then, it will be a while before you see pictures. i have lots of stories already from the short time we have lived here... and believe me, you'll want popcorn while reading them!! until then, goodnight!! we miss you all in idaho!!!