Saturday, March 19, 2011

Its about time!

So I realized that I havent posted anything in a REALLY long time so i figured it was about time for an update. At the end of feb/beginning of march we went to idaho to surprise my dad which was a lot of fun. we left on a saturday and ken left the following wednesday but me and marlie stayed another 2 1/2 weeks to hang out with grandma and grandpa. we didnt do a whole lot while we were there, just hung out. my mom had a rotater cuff repair surgery on the 10th of march so it was nice to be able to be there to help her do her every day tasks that she could no longer do with one arm. It was pretty cold there but that didnt stop marlie from wanting grampa to take her out on the 4 wheeler. So we made sure to get her a hat, scarf, and mittens and she would go out for a ride. i got to hang out with a few friends, take pictures of their new babies, and eat lots of good food. So we had a really good time but we are really glad to be dad and sister drove me down to SLC where me an marlie were going to fly home. we got there around noon so we could hang out for a few hours, so we went to the joseph smith memorial building, the 2 visitors centers on temple square, the old tabernacle, toured the conference building, went to the top of the church office building, went to the cemetery where a lot of the prophets are buried and then we met up with my sister in law rachel at the gateway mall. over all we had a really good time, got to take some fun pictures and THEN... i got to go to the airport. it wasnt so bad at first. i checked my bags, so the only thing i had to take on the plane was the diaper bag and my coat... and marlie. but juggling all that crap, a child, AND trying to get through security where they make you take off your shoes (and marlies, you know, cuz i could have rigged HER shoes with a bomb), your belt, and put everything else in a little bucket... all while trying to keep said toddler from either screaming or running away. so we get through security, then head out to our terminal. we stop to get some ridiculously over priced juice and snacks, and then play at the little play place to kill some time. my plane was scheduled to leave at 7:25pm so at about 7:10 we headed down to our gate, which was only 10 miles away in the furthest corner of the airport. im all excited when we sit down cuz i only have to deal with this crazy child for another 10-15 more minutes when i over hear a lady talking to a stewardess who tells her that the flight to portland has been delayed until 9:00pm.... you have GOT to be kidding me. marlie came really close to never seeing her 2nd birthday that night but we FINALLY got on the plane and she did pretty good for most of the way until the ear popping (or lack of) and extreme tiredness kicked in. then it was REALLY fun with all the blood curdling screams and the kicking and the hitting. and then she conked out.... right before we landed. so i had to WAKE her back up and try and carry her (while she WALKED before) with the diaper bag AND the big fatty coat that i brought with me but never used. ive never been so grateful for moving sidewalks. it was so nice to feel bionically fast when i had this heavy kid on my shoulder. needless to say, ken got to carry her and the diaper bag all the way to the car, and all the way upstairs to the apartment haha. we had a good time with friends and family though so it was all worth it. then yesterday i went in for a minor surgery on my ear to get a cyst removed which was absolutely disgusting. it was on the back of my right earlobe so the doctor numbed my ear (which is still numb... should i be worried about that??) and they took me into the "O.R." which was more like a fancy dentist chair in a big room. i sat down and they laid me back and i had to have my head cranked to the left for the next hour. it really wasnt so bad since i couldnt feel anything. i think the worst part about it was since i was awake for the whole think i could hear her cutting my skin and scraping and tugging... it. was. GROSS. so now i have some really attractive stitches that extend from the back of my ear to about a cm below my earlobe. and it likes to bleed. and i cant see it which means im a walking freak show in the grocery store that the checker cant stop staring at but cant actually just tell me "hey your ear is bleeding a little bit" haha oh well. i dont really care. im just glad that nasty cyst is gone. well thats about it for us. we havent been up to much of anything else!

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