Saturday, November 10, 2012

I guess i should update this thing...

I really suck at updating my blog... if you havent already noticed. Over the last few months we have experienced:

  • potty training marlie
  • marlie un-potty training herself
  • nikki turning into some kind of demon as a result of said "reverse potty training"
  • re-potty training marlie
  • general conference
  • halloween
  • nikki being ca-RAZY sick with a super bad sinus infection AND an ear infection
  • ken getting sick after nikki gets better
  • my mom and dad came to visit!

so, for a while there marlie was doing SOOOOO good with potty training. She wore underwear all the time and told me when she needed to go potty. she did awesome at church and out in public. i would put her to bed with underwear on and she would wake up dry. i. was. excited. the only thing we had to do was work on #2 which i expected to be absolutely horrible... which it was... and not because i had to deal with poop... but because out of the blue, marlie thought that it was just easier to go potty in her undies... so she started wetting her pants and stopped telling me that she had to go potty. so i put her back in diapers and continued to try and potty train her. she still did well going pee... but put was and still is a WAAAAAAAAAYYYYY different story. I know exactly when she needs to go poop. she has a specific face she makes, and certain spot she goes to hide (either behind the couch or in her room) so when she makes that face or i catch her hiding, i put her on the potty, and i swear i could make her sit on the toilet for DAYS and she will NOT go to the bathroom... but as soon as i stick a diaper back on her, she poops. long story short.... im still going insane....

general conference was at the beginning of october. it was awesome! i love hearing our prophets speak. it makes me feel like im talking to a really old friend that does nothing but give you good advice.

back in september i started getting sick. it started with a crazy weird spell of horrible vertigo. if you have never had vertigo, just get in a swivel chair and spin around for at least 15 minutes straight, then stand up and try to function like a normal human being.... then a sore throat moved in. then that went away and the congestion hit me really bad. then cough and congestion, cough and congestion, cough and congestion, then my top teeth started to hurt. not one in particular - all of them. when i ate, they were just sore. which was super weird but apparently thats a sign of a sinus infection. THEN (yes theres more) my ears started to hurt. all of this was on TOP of the vertigo. so i went to the doctor gave me a ton of meds and then i got better!! haha. worst. sickness. ever. and i still have the vertigo....

my parents came to visit at the end of october and it was so fun to hang out with them. we went to the pumpkin patch, and ate yummy food and just had a good time hanging out.

other than that our lives are pretty ordinary. i have been riding horses a lot, i hope to go to a show in the spring. ken has been working out and he put some of his old pants on the other day he said that he fits in them again. so hes happy that he is able to accomplish his goal. marlie is talking more and more every day. and i am working really hard to communicate better with her. i feel like i get frustrated too easily so i have been working really hard to be more sensitive and calm when she makes mistakes and its amazing how much of a difference it makes. its interesting because thats how i work with my horse. if i ride him when im in a bad mood, i usually get bad results from him and i get even more mad. when i ride in a good mood i have a happy horse who is much more willing to work for me. i never thought that would carry over into parenting until i had marlie. funny how that works. anyways, thats all i have for right now. the holidays are coming up and we are going to michigan for christmas so there will be lots of pictures of that!

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