Saturday, July 28, 2012

Idaho Vacation

There was a crazy storm blowing in towards Rexburg so I HAD to take some pictures!

Me and Marlie in front of the Salt Lake temple

Marlie LOVES her grampa

The only photo I got of Marlie and Jesus was one of her running away from Him... not sure what to think of that :)

This is one of my favorites. Grampa was showing Marlie the "owies" Jesus has on His hands and feet.

we had TONS of fun at lagoon... and i found out that my 3 year old is braver than i am....

marlie loves her gramma too!!

we were on our way to martins cove and we got a flat tire.... so i thought i would snap a picture. such a pretty view

another awesome storm on the way to martins cove

my dad likes to live life on the edge... of a cliff....

handcart replicas

marlie got to pull the little kids handcart with her little friend.

she had so much fun!

the pioneers were allowed 17lbs per person on the handcarts.

these monuments were a beautiful reminder of how much the saints loved and trusted the Lord. you could definitely feel the spirit of the young men who carried people across the frozen sweet water river here.

view of martins cove from the sweet water river

I will post more picture soon. We had so much fun going all over the place with my parents. It was nice that they got some time off so we can do all the things we did. there was a lot of driving involved but it was well worth it. If you havent been to martins cove i would HIGHLY recommend it. it was a real eye opener to actually BE there where people had struggled to survive in freezing weather with no warm clothes, no food, and small children and elderly people to care for. i am grateful for their sacrifices - im not sure i would be so willing. it really was a neat experience, especially since we went right before pioneer day. i loved it! more stories and pictures to come!

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