Saturday, March 29, 2014

Its been a while...

So I'm going to just sum up pretty much the last year of our lives.

*Marlie is completely potty trained (don't remember if i mentioned that in my last post) and we are so excited about that.
*Marlie turned 4 in june
*Nikki turned 26 in june
*I competed in a horse show for the first time in probably 10 years... and i totally SUCKED because i was so nervous haha
*we went to an amusement park in couer d' alene (spelling?) with my parents and it was a ton of fun!
*We picked lots of raspberries and blueberries with the intent of having them last through the winter and marlie at them all before the winter even started...
*I photographed 3 weddings and a bunch of seniors and families last summer. One couple flew me to idaho to do their pictures. it was a TON of fun!
*marlie started pre-school at the beginning of november
*we went BACK to idaho for a week to have thanksgiving with my family
*we spent Christmas here at home with family and friends and it was so nice not to be traveling this year!
*Ken turned 31 in february
*I had my first ultrasound in feb. everything looks great
*i got a new camera! i got the canon 6D and i totally LOVE it
*we find out what we are having on tuesday. we are pretty excited!

thats all i can think of so far. we don't live SUPER exciting lives but we do occasionally do some fun things. Marlie will be starting kindergarden this september, shortly after we have the baby so it will be a transition in many ways for our family. My parents are working on moving back to the portland area to be closer to us and other family member which will be so nice. we miss them lots when we are not with them. This summer we hope to do some fun things now that i am not taking care of the pool (which didn't allow for very much vacation time since i had to test chemicals and close the pool everyday for four months). we are hoping to go to the beach and even to the redwood forest so it will be really exciting to get some picture with my new camera. my brother dan is getting married at the end of june and my sister anna is graduating high school at the end of may so me and marlie will be going to idaho for both of those events and ken will just be going for the wedding. so we have lots of things we want to do. hopefully it won't take me a year to update this thing again!

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