Monday, October 11, 2010


Ok so there is a LOT to cover. first major thing: we got FIRED! yes, we got fired from our managing job. i still to this day dont know why. we were doing a lot of work around the complex to make it a nicer place. then one morning i called my boss to ask her a couple questions and after i got them answered, she told me that her superior and one of her co-workers would be coming to our complex that day and that i needed to make sure that i was on the property until they came. when they got to our complex they dropped the ax and fired us. their reasoning was "its just not working out." and "we've noticed garbage around your complex when we driven by" and "your vacant apartments arent being rented out." maybe im crazy but im pretty sure that a simple verbal warning about the trash and maybe a little pow wow about different advertising techniques would have fixed those problems. but she gave us our last pay checks and told us to be out of our apartment by monday (we got fired on a friday) so we were kinda freakin out. the roake family has been so good to us. they are letting us stay with them for a month so we can figure out what we are gonna do. as for other news, marlie will be dressing up as a hamburger for halloween. pictures will be up as soon as halloween is over. ive been doing a lot of photography since we have been in oregon, i made $675 this last weekend. my sister-in-law, ruth, came down from seattle on sunday to help me photograph a wedding in portland. we had so much fun!! it was a great experience for both of us. ken went back up to seattle with ruth so he can take a shot at looking for work up there. so today was the first day he started looking for work and he already has an interview tomorrow morning. so wish him luck!! well, thats all a long story short. ill tell you all about the crazy experiences we had at that apartment complex in another post.

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Meredith Williams said...

Sorry about all that has been going on. That really bites. I think it's dumb they didn't have more of a really leaves you in the unknown about what's really going on in their mind. I hope these interviews go well for Ken in Seattle! Keep us updated